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Iga Swiatek – 2020 Grand Slam Winner Acknowledges Mental Well-Being as Part of Strategy

Polish tennis player Iga Swiatek makes history as the first female player from Poland to snatch the Grand Slam victory in the Singles Final Women’s Category. Although iga entered the French Open as an unseeded player, her nerves of steel empowered her in snatching the Grand Slam title away from Sofia Kenin of the U. S. in the Roland Garros Tournament held last October 11, 2020 in Paris.

The 19-year old Iga had announced to reporters last year that her goal is to win all titles in the coming year: the French, U.S., Australia Opens and the Wimbledon, which is exactly what she did. Her exceptional skills saw her sailing through the French Open without a single dropped set, duplicating the feat achieved only by Justine Henin, the 2007 Grand Slam winner. .

Iga Swiatek Gives Credit to Where Credit is Due

Yet this 2020 Grand Slam winner attributes part of her success to her sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz, with whom Iga has been working with for nearly 2 years on the mental aspect of her playing prowess. She said that working with Ms. Abramowicz was even more vital while preparing to return amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Swiatek acknowledged her sports psychiatrists’ help in keeping her focused on the basics, and on having fun on the court by lowering her expectations.

When interviewed by CNN Sports, the teenager said that the long process she went through with her psychiatrist helped her develop not only as a player but also as a person.

Even before Iga gave her psychiatrist credit for helping her achieve the Grands Slam wins, Ms. Abramowicz had spoken to the WTA in September about mental health awareness among the elite members of Poland’s National Teams. She cited the 19-year old Polish player as an example of the younger generation of star athletes who are comfortable in discussing their mental health.

As a sports psychiatrist, Ms. Abramowicz has been working with many of Poland’s elite national team players, but she makes it a point to travel with Iga during major tournaments. She says it’s her way of showing appreciation and respect for the value that Iga puts toward addressing mental health.

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