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How to bet on tennis

Tennis betting can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the sport. However, there are tons of ways to improve your tennis skills with betting tips while you are betting on tennis games. You can also apply the strategies you’ve learned in playing games of chance offered online like those in

The tennis calendars on the men’s and women’s tours run all year round except in December when players take a break and that means you can always watch a match and bet on it.

How does betting on tennis work?

If you are completely new to tennis betting, it helps to check the world rankings first. Players receive a certain number of leaderboard points when they play and win different tournaments – the bigger the tournament, the more points are awarded. After familiarizing yourself with the players, you can focus on other things, such as the surface on which the games are being played.

The different types of tennis betting

Long term betting is an exciting and popular form of tennis betting. You are betting on the player that will win a particular tennis tournament such as Wimbledon or the US Open.

Match betting in tennis is very simple – you bet on which of the two players will win the match. Unlike soccer or hockey, a game in tennis cannot end in a draw. So all you have to do is figure out which of the players wins the game.

You can also bet on games and sets within a tennis match. A tennis match consists of three to five sets of at least six games each.

Another popular form is handicap betting on tennis. Handicaps can be played both in sets and in games. In a tennis handicap bet, one of the players receives a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage, which is shown as plus or minus points.

Bet live on tennis

Tennis is also the perfect sport for live betting. Many tennis fans like to bet live to take advantage of the odds. This is especially true of men’s tennis, where it is crucial to hold up your serve to win games.