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Why Thailand’s Casino Legalization Ex-Com Should Focus on Online Gambling

In December 2021, majority of Thailand’s Lower House lawmakers voted to establish an Ex-Com to study the merits of legalizing casino complexes in the country. Although proponents of the tourism sector welcomed the news, many are not as enthusiastic about the idea. Based on a recent report by the Center for Gambling Studies of Thailand, more than half (57%) of the country’s 70 million population engage in some form of gambling; but the bulk of which, are interested in betting on sports events, lotteries and esports gaming.

The report also noted that even if in their study only 3.5 million of adult Thai gamblers wagered on sports matches, the THB160.5 billion ($5.3 billion) wagered was the highest spent on gambling in the year 2018. Lotteries, including government-backed lotto offerings came second at THB153.2 billion.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam, the proposed 60-man Executive Committee will be divided into sub-committees that will look, not only into the moral issues of legal casino gambling. Lawmakers will focus on the legal framework that would ensure appropriate supervision, proper regulation and equitable taxation of casino businesses.

Yet those opposed to developing casino complexes contend that for several decades, Thailand’s tourism industry flourished on its own. Up to 2019, the industry drew as many as 40 million tourists to popular annual destinations. While the number sharply declined to 5 million in 2021, it was mainly due to the global travel bans and emerging coronavirus variants that continued to plague nations throughout the globe.

Legalizing Online Gambling over Casino Gambling

Actually, many contend that Thailand has more to gain if it will shift the focus of its study on the advantages of online gambling.

The United Kingdom’s online gambling industry is exemplary as a business model. The UK’s legal and regulatory framework has been proven as relatively effective, as the UK online gambling industry continues to grow every year. Even more so during the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent global travel bans that adversely affected countries.

Besides, the current trends in business improvements today are geared toward implementing eco-friendly methods and sustainable business operations, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly the ubiquitous CO2.

Digital Technology – Helpful in the Success of Online Gambling in the UK

The online gambling industry continues to evolve in ways that would give customers the best gaming experience, but with the flexibility of being able to do and manage things while on the go.

Gambling on sports betting products, on online slots or on คาสิโน (casino) card games have become accessible as entertainment in any location, even in countries where gambling is considered as illegal.

On that note, members of the Ex-Com sub-committees should have awareness that high-end casino complexes today are harnessing advancements in digital and communication technology as sustainable methods of enriching the entertainment provided to casino customers. Verified and premium casino members can reduce their carbon footprint by simply using gambling apps that stream live casino games as membership privileges.

Still, online gambling as the UK government has proven can only be as good as the legal framework and regulations imposed in its oversight.