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What kinds of gambling exist?

Gambling is a game where you have to bet money on a potential result, and the result of that bet depends on luck.

For example, lotto games are considered to be among the oldest games of chance, and evidence has been found with traces of keno tickets dating back to the Chinese Han Dynasty. It is believed that even the Great Wall of China was partially raised with money from the government’s profit from the sale of lottery tickets, but it is true that some of the most popular types of gambling today have appeared only in the last 2-3 centuries.

What kinds of gambling exist?

There are countless types of gambling, but these can in turn be divided into several categories.

Sport bets

Sports betting can be of several types

Pre-match bets: bets placed before a match begins

Live bets: bets placed in real-time after the start of the match

Virtual bets: bets placed on computer-generated virtual events that do not take place in reality but simulate popular sports

Betting exchange: betting exchange between bettors, where you can take the place of the bookmaker


It’s about the same situation as in sports betting. If you are an inexperienced player, then you will depend on the chance: what hands do you receive, what hands does the opponent have, what cards come on the table, etc. But again, an experienced player will be able to make a steady long-term profit. That’s why there are certain players who over time have won several very important poker tournaments; if luck had mattered, then this would never have happened again.

Casino games

When you talk about gambling, then it seems that the most appropriate category is casino games like judi bola. In games like pecans, online slots or roulette you depend strictly on luck and any strategy you adopt cannot help you in the long run, even if there are sites that say otherwise. There are also some casino games where certain skills and knowledge can be useful, and here the first example that comes to mind is the game of blackjack but the chance matters more here as well.