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The Right Tennis Shoes to Improve Your Performance

Just as when playing เว็บคาสิโน each and every one of us has a unique strategy. The same thing goes with tennis. Especially if you are playing for competition or a league, then it becomes more important to up your performance. And what other better way of doing that by having the right pair of shoes that gives you a good grip of the court.

What is Tennis to You?

For some, tennis isn’t just a hobby or sport, it’s their passion. It brings out the fun and joy in them. It is quite intense and at times, exhausting. Aside from being fun and intense, tennis may put a toll in our body due to the demands that this sport needs. Being a tennis player, they are constantly sprinting, jumping, stopping, sliding and running side-to-side. To do this optimally and without compromising health, you should be wearing the right tennis shoes that can handle all the stress that this sport brings to your body.

It’s Your Sole!

Shoes have different parts but one thing that you should be mindful about is their sole. Depending on the sole that you’ve chosen, it will affect your overall performance so be careful.

Hard Court Outsoles

One of the most common and also, popular tennis court surfaces is the hardcourt. At the same time, the most demanding. Therefore, you should be buying an outsole that is capable of handling the demands of such surface.

Oftentimes, hard court tennis shoes have modified herringbone pattern to deliver that perfect grip on the court. It provides ample cushion and the midsole transfers the energy in each step of the way.

Clay Court Outsoles

For clay court shoes, this normally has a zigzag tread pattern. This helps in giving the wearer a better grip, especially when sprinting, changing directions or simply, stopping. In the event that some clays are gathered on the sole, just a few taps with your tennis racquet is enough to knock them loose. Its design also offers the needed traction to move backward and forward securely.

Grass Court Outsoles


Similar to clay, the glass court outsoles are a lot softer on the joints. The sole of such offers an awesome grip for players on the surface that could oftentimes be slippery. Even though the outsole is a bit bumpy, it must not do any damage to the tennis court. Furthermore, it is expected to help the players feel more comfortable, particularly when moving fast on a grass surface.