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The Clover Game Ruling and Playing Method

Clovers symbolize fortune, yet it is based on the area it is booming. Meanwhile, players of the Clover game of cards may have a hard time dealing with each other. The players with smart decision-making are the ones who create fortune under this kind of card game with three to six players.

Clover Games Playing Rule

The main objective of this card game is to be the first one that has no cards available for playing.

Basically, 클로버게임 consists of 53 playing cards that have six colors and a single lucky card of clover. The colored cards available have the shades of red, blue, purple, orange, green, and yellow. The deck of cards should be shuffled and each player should be dealt with 4 cards

In the game table of the internet’s top most trusted online casinos, there is a clover shape that is open and is called a discard pile. It is here that the 4 cards from the deck should be dealt with. The color of each field can only be present once on a discard pile. 

Moreover, double colors will be turned back to the deck bottom and that new card is dealt as its replacement. The remaining cards must be placed on a top down position on the table. And this is known as the drawing pile.

The Gameplay

The player with four leaved clovers is the last one to begin. Meanwhile, the player to start first is the youngest one. Players play through a clockwise direction on the discard pile. Played cards versus the cards on the discard pile should have different colors. 

Playing Turn

  1. Begin with playing the top card and play in a clockwise direction.
  2. Play cards on a discard pile or draw from the drawing pile. Once a card has been drawn, the player turn is over.
  3. Execute a clover action right away once you play a card with clover.

Skipping Turn

The player next in line skips a turn to play. The one who resumes play is the player next with the skipped player.

Pick Card

Picking a card should be done from your preferred player. In case the cards are available on the table, players may select any one, or else opt for one from the closed cards at random.

Give Card

Coming from your hand, give a card to a preferred player.

Lucky Clover

In the game, there is this one lucky clover. This card protects the player from the “Skip a Turn” and “Give a Card” actions. Moreover, this card can be played like the other cards and on all colors.